Whimsy #2

Title: Whimsy #2

Instruments: Solo Alto Sax, 2 flutes, 3 alto saxes, 2 Horns, 2 Trumpets, 3 Trombones, Tuba, 2 Percussion, Piano.

Program Notes:

Whimsy #2 is actually the first “whimsy” that I’ve written, but it is conceived as part of a set of pieces for varying instrumentations that all use the same basic generative material. This particular whimsy is a saxophone concerto set in three movements. The first, “Preamble,” presents the basic material and pits the saxophones against the rest of the ensemble. The movement finally gets a bit of a groove going, then ends rather suddenly. This leads to the second movement, “Interlude,” in which I take the first two notes of the first movement and elaborate on them in a vertical configuration using basic spectral techniques. The third movement, “Full Blown (Here We Go),” starts out kicking and screaming, but eventually settles into a more gentle, chorale-like texture. The material on which the piece is based becomes clearer as this movement progresses.

Written for the Noah Getz, Marc Decker, and the AUSB.

First Performed: April 26th, 2013: Noah Getz, Alto Sax; AUSB (cond. Marc Decker)

Excerpts From First Performance: