Whimsy #1

Title: Whimsy #1

Instruments: Flute, Clarinet, Piano

Program Notes:

Whimsy #1 is actually the second “whimsy” piece to be completed. The first (awkwardly titled Whimsy #2) is a chamber concerto for saxophone, winds, brass, and percussion. Both these pieces are joined together by the use of a certain theme and a generally whimsical tone. This particular “whimsy” (I hope a genre is spawned) is subtitled “Childhood Quilting” and dwells on a variety of themes and ideas from both my childhood and some of my earlier (and even more recent) pieces. The piece begins, falls apart (usually due to something whimsical happening), and restarts several times before finally achieving some sort of closure in a collage-like sequence.

Written for the Trillium Ensemble.

Performance: November, 2013