Two Symphonic Moods

Title: Two Symphonic Moods

Instrumentation: Orchestra

Program Notes:

Two Symphonic Moods uses a small amount of motivic material to generate a large contrast in moods. The main motive is found first in the clarinet and is developed throughout the piece, which falls roughly into the exposition-development-recapitulation form (sonata allegro). The contemplative first section, marked by humming by the orchestra for atmospheric color, gives way to a faster and more angry section. The ancient Russian Orthodox Dies Irae (Day of Wrath) is heard throughout this section mainly from the bells. The anger is spent, and the contemplation returns, although still colored by the anger. Finally, in the coda, the bubbling fury and the Dies Irae brings the piece to a climactic ending.

First Performance: 2004: CMU Philharmonic (Efrain Amaya, cond.)