Illicit Trysts

Title: Illicit Trysts

Instrumentation: Flute, Bass Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano, Percussion

Program Notes:

This piece consists of a series of juxtapositions of different types of material.  In general, the first type is a solid, atonal wall of sound, and the second is more diatonic and melodic in nature. The drama of the piece comes from the interplay between these two types, and a sense of frustration that pervades the work. In the battle between the tonal and atonal elements, instruments “decide” which side they would rather belong to.

For the analytically minded, the piece is based on a tone-row that provides all of the generative material. The two hexachords from it are allied with either the atonal (first six notes) or tonal (second six) sections.

First Performance: 2008: IonSound (original version); 2010: SIGNAL (revised version)