Songs of Ice and Fire

Title: Songs of Ice and Fire

Instrumentation: Flute, Clarinet, Piano

Program Notes:

Songs of Ice and Fire is a set of five pieces that draw inspiration from images drawn from the general ideas of ice and fire. The first, Fractured Waltz, has each of the instruments take part in a deconstructed waltz which slowly comes together. The second, Blazing Fireflies, is a tone image that uses as its basis the idea of fireflies flaring and buzzing back and forth in the late evening. The third, Frost-Rimed Cathedral, is a quasi-homage to Debussy. Siren Song of the Dancing Flame is, perhaps, self-explanatory. Finally, A Song of Ice and Fire, combines elements of all of the previous movements using a freely-developing improvisation-like section in juxtaposition with a stricter, more roiling one.

First Performance: 2010: IonSound Ensemble