And the Earth Sang to Me Through the Wind

Title: And the Earth Sang to Me Through the Wind

Instruments: 2 Pianos

Program Notes:

And the Earth Sang to Me Through the Wind was inspired by my love of mountains – particularly Yosemite Falls and Cooper’s Rock. In places like that where you can see for miles there is an almost spiritual connection to the Earth under your feet. This piece attempts to capture that feeling which can range from comforting to immense and terrifying. There is a musical line that passes between the two pianos and never stops, outlining a series of chords that come in and out of focus. In the two slower sections, these chords grow from 3 to 6 to (finally) all 12 chromatic pitches. While there isn’t exactly a tonal center, the end of the piece brings clarity (transcendence?) through a chord that has been hinted at (but never stated) since the beginning, and links all the other chordal material.

Written for the Khasma Piano Duo as part of a Consortium Commission with Duo Junction, New Muse Piano Duo, and Unison Piano Duo

First Performance: Spring 2017